Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas Journal - December 30

Next to the last day of the month!  How quickly it has gone.

Lisa, the kids, and I went out to do a little shopping today and to have lunch.  It was a nice break.  Later, I stayed at home with Brooks while Lisa and Ashby had some time together.  They went to see Daddy for a little bit, since Ashby was missing him big time.  They also did some more shopping.  It was good for everyone.  Brooks was really good and he and I had a lot of fun.

I just about finished getting all the tree decorations down.  Hopefully the tree will be out the door by Saturday.  It will be really nice to get the house back in order.  With Lisa and the kids here, plus all the Christmas boxes stacked everywhere, it has been pretty chaotic.  I do not do well when it gets that way!

So the Christmas season is winding down and I am thinking about next year!

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