Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Christmas Journal - December 5

Ashby didn't want to go home Sunday evening, so she spent the night with us.  I don't have most of the Christmas decorations out yet, but there was a Melissa and Doug wooden nativity for children, plus a couple of other special nativity displays that I had out.  She spent most of her time Sunday playing with them.  That continued the next morning, so most of her play time at Grandma's was all about "baby Jesus."  She is totally captivated with the story.

Later in the morning, we drug out the dress up stuff and had to act out the story.  The cutest was when she dressed up as Mary.  She had her baby doll wrapped in "swaddling clothes" and used a little basket for the manger.  When I took a picture, she would not look up or smile.  All the nativity figures show Mary kneeling by the baby Jesus, and looking down at him with a face full of love.  She stayed in character.  Here is the picture:

This totally made my day!

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