Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Journal - December 20

Well, today I went out and tried to finish up most of the little shopping that was left.  I made stops at several stores, looking for stocking suffers, and a few other little odds and ends.  It was really the first day that I had actually done any shopping.  I did most of the big stuff online earlier.  It was just enough to get the spirit of Christmas without getting overwhelmed.

I have one more gift to pick up - already bought and paid for - and some grocery shopping to do.  Then wrapping everything and getting the gifts under the tree.  Knowing me, there will be something that I forgot and I will have to run out one more time.  That seems to be the way it always works!

I also sent out the Christmas letter today.  I decided to keep that simple, too.  I had already written up the letter and attached some pictures.  I went through and emailed it to everyone that I could.  That left about 18 or 20 that I actually mailed out.  I had already received some responses back before bedtime. 

This has been a good Christmas shopping season, as we have tried to keep things much simpler.  It has meant that I have enjoyed it much more.  I have also concentrated more on the other things, besides gifts, that make this season special.  Doing this daily Christmas journal has really helped with that.

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