Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas Journal - December 14

This was a busy, but not particularly "Christmasy" day.  However, one thing that happened turned my thoughts to service at Christmas.  In our Relief Society presidency meeting, we were discussing which families were struggling to provide a nice Christmas, especially for their children.  One of the families we discussed touched me with a particular impact.

Some people live with such dignity and work so hard to take care of themselves.  They often are the first on the line when someone needs something, yet they can barely make ends meet themselves.  Such is the family that touched me.  This is a family that I have always loved and respected, but I gained a new insight into just how much they are carrying.  My thoughts are going in circles as I am trying to figure out a way to offer some extra Christmas cheer to them.

There is nothing like thinking of the needs of others to turn your thoughts away from yourself.  I am still looking forward to what I am going to figure out!

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