Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Christmas Journal - December 12

We hosted the monthly Empty Nesters Family Home Evening this evening.  I spent the day getting the rest of the decorating done.  Lisa, Ashby, and Brooks came over and got the tree decorated (the lights were on, but that was all!)  So the place looked pretty good, if I do say so myself!  Even a humble home is beautiful when it is all decorated for Christmas.

We had a smaller turnout than usual, since we had several who have health problems and were unable to come.  Our activity was to put together a care package for the missionary from our ward who is serving in Argentine.  (He won't get it until January, but missionaries love a package anytime!)  Some of the group forgot to bring their items, so we will finalize the package on Sunday.  It was still good to focus on someone else for a little while.

We also shared stories of Christmas memories - some poignant, many funny, all bringing forth more memories.  We finally had to call a stop since it was getting late.  Such evenings are fun.  We enjoy socializing.  We all bring something for refreshment (and we had some really good stuff this time!)  We laugh and we share.  This time, we also felt the Christmas spirit as we focused on someone else.  I love Christmas!

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