Thursday, November 3, 2011

Gratitude Journal - November 2

I spent most of yesterday working on genealogy.  I had gotten into something the night before and I was compelled to work all day!  I am grateful for my ancestors.  They were interesting people who left home, crossed an ocean, and started life anew in America.  I have been greatly blessed because of it.  The most recent immigrants were both of my grandfathers - one came from Denmark about 1903, the other from Sweden shortly after that.  The earliest immigrants are on the Bacon line and I have them in Connecticut in the late 1600's - still looking for the jump over the "pond."  The other line came from Ireland in the early 1800's.  What wonderful people!  I am also grateful for the modern technology that lets me sit at my desk in my home and work from my computer.  It is so much easier and more productive than in the old days when I had to send letters everywhere, or order microfilm and wait for it to come in, or visit the places myself.  I still like visiting places, but that is now for fun and to find little details I can't get on the computer.  Genealogy - my favorite hobby!

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