Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Gratitude Journal - November 22

It was clean up the house day.  Billy is driving down from Iowa to be here for Thanksgiving Day.  He will get in on Wednesday.  So, I got the guest room cleaned up, clean sheets, etc, and the bathroom ready, too.  Add in a little dusting, straightening, etc, and the house looks OK.  I don't clean like I used to, but I do like the feel of a clean house.  I am grateful that we have a comfortable home - not fancy, but nice.  The size is just right - not too big for taking care of, but enough space for everything we need or want.  We don't have fancy or expensive furniture, but everything looks good.  I am not an interior decorator, but our home is nicely done and has a homey feeling.  I think people feel at home here.  When I read about so many with no home at all, I am particularly grateful to have these luxuries and to be warm and safe.  Today I feel grateful for my home!

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