Sunday, November 20, 2011

Gratitude Journal - November 19

I saw on the news in the morning that Iowa State had beaten the #2 ranked football team.  I don't have any interest in football, but I still read this story.  After all, at heart I am still an Iowa girl!

That got me to thinking about growing up in Iowa and I have felt grateful for being raised in a small town in northeast Iowa during the 50's and early 60's.  It couldn't have been a better time or place.  We were free to wander almost anywhere we wanted.  We played pick up games of baseball.  We spent most of the time outdoors.  Since it was a small town, almost everyone knew almost everyone else.  Also, because it was a small town, anything we did was a big deal.  High school sports, plays, concerts were all community events.  Parents didn't worry about their kids, because they knew there was always someone watching and no one was afraid to discipline.

I haven't lived in Iowa since I graduated high school, other than for a few months at a time.  Even so, I am still an Iowa girl.  The farm background is in my blood.  I am grateful for the great state of Iowa, where the tall corn still grows!!!

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