Friday, November 18, 2011

Gratitude Journal - November 17

The next lesson I teach in Relief Society will be the first Sunday in January, but I have been doing some early preparation for it.  The course of study next year is Teachings of the Prophet George Albert Smith, so I have read a biography and a number of other things.  My lesson will be the overall story of his life.  I didn't know a lot of the details of his life and I have really enjoyed studying it.  He struggled with physical illness most of his life, not finally getting a diagnosis of lupus until late in life.  He also damaged his eyesight in the desert and struggled with that.  And yet, he pushed himself as much as he could to always do what the Lord wanted.  He was incredibly compassionate and always saw the individual's needs.  And he had an unshakable testimony of the Savior.  I love studying about the prophets and I am grateful that there has been a prophet at the head of the church since Joseph Smith.  I know that Thomas S Monson in the prophet today and I am grateful for him.

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