Sunday, March 8, 2015

March 7th - Beautiful Saturday!

It was so nice to have a warm and sunny day after all the rain we have had the last few weeks.  Here is hoping it lasts for a few days this time!

I got an extra burst of energy and cleaned a little deeper than usual.  At least the kitchen and the hall bathroom have gotten a thorough do over.  Everything else is pretty much cleaned, but not quite so well!  Bill managed to get some time in the yard, which has been looking awful.  He got the area where the tree was taken out cleaned up and smoothed out.  Plus, he got the yard cleaned up.  There was a lot more than just brown grass in the yard and it looks so much better!

We had a train table that had been given to us a couple weeks ago.  I had saved it for a friend, so today we ran that over to her house.  Then we made a stop at the library to pick up some more books on CD. 

I worked for a while on a presentation I have to do about Roots Tech.  We have a family history consultant meeting tomorrow and the director just called a couple of days ago to ask me to do the class on Roots Tech.  It didn't give me much time to prepare, but it should be OK.

Time changes tonight - seems early - but it will be nice to have it stay light later in the day.  Now, if we can just get up in time for church in the morning!

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