Saturday, March 7, 2015

March 5th - Art Class

I had not expected to have art class today since Lisa was supposed to teach Joy school.  However, with everyone being sick, another mother traded with her.  So, she called and said could they come on over and do it after all.  I already had it planned, so it worked out fine.  We did a multi-media self-portrait.  We sketched the head and shoulders, cut it out, glued to a background paper, and then decorated it with a variety of materials, including oil pastels, pipe cleaners, button, decorative paper, flowers, puff balls, google eyes, and who knows what else.  Ashby's really turned out cute, although she had a bit of a rough start since it was hard to draw a large circle with ears and have it look right.  She kept trying, though, and finally got it almost perfect.  Lots of fun.

The rest of my day was pretty ordinary - laundry, straightening around the house, working on family history, etc.

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