Thursday, March 5, 2015

March 4th - Busy Day at the Family History Center

Opps - I seem to have missed two days on the blog.  Not sure how I did that.  I guess I just got side-tracked, thought I had done it, and didn't bother to check.  Oh, well.  I didn't do anything worth worrying about anyway!   Well, other than doing a genealogy merit badge workshop for the 11 year old scouts.  What fun that was!

Today was my day to work at the Family History Center.  It turned out to be a busy day.  There were three people who came in, all needing help.  I love it when we are busy.  And I especially love it when they all get excited about what they find!  I didn't leave until almost 1:00, in fact. 

Back home, I had lunch, did a few odds and ends and rested a little (because I was so tired!)  It has been a good day.  I again have a great big "to do" pile on the desk and need to get busy again.  I still haven't figured out how a pile can accumulate so fast!

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