Monday, March 2, 2015

March 1st - In like a Lion, so hoping for out like a lamb!

We are getting just a bit tired of all the rain.  Another day of it today and it looks like most of the week, too.  Enough, already!  We need some spring!

We had the grandkids spending the night and they were both so good.  They both slept all night without getting up.  Then everyone was awake and up around 7 or so.  We got some bagels for breakfast, got to play a few minutes, then got ready for church.  They were both good during church.  They had taken some books to read and some paper and pencils to draw.  Brooks started getting a little antsy by the end.  He has developed another runny nose and his cheeks were bright red.  He didn't feel like he had a fever, so hoping he is not coming down with something else. 

We decided we would just go home after Sunday School.  They were both not really wanting to go to Primary, as they didn't know anyone.  So, they just stayed in my Family History class with Bill.  I think they were drawing the whole time.  My class went well and we had fun learning some more things about FamilySearch. 

When we got home, we were all hungry, and Ashby wanted French toast, so that is what we had for lunch.  Well, Brooks chose left over mac & cheese from yesterday.  The rest of us had the French toast.  Then the kids played together the rest of the afternoon.  They were so cute.  They had the horses and the legos again and they were totally immersed in their play. 

I got dinner preps done, too.  We had grilled filet mignon, baked potatoes, fresh broccoli, cantaloupe, and biscuits.  Followed by an angel food cake for Lisa's birthday.  Bill insisted we put 39 candles on it, so we had quite a flame going!  The kids loved it.

David was still not feeling all that well, but he made it over, too.  He ate a little bit, but a lot of it was just too heavy when recovering from a stomach bug.  Brooks was more than happy to offer to eat Daddy's piece of cake (just the frosting, of course), since he wasn't feeling well.  How generous the child is!

They didn't stay too late, since the kids were tired and David was, too.  It was a fun day, though.  Once they left, it felt overly quiet around here.  It will probably take us a few days to recuperate!  Love those grandkids!!!

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