Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snow and Birthday

We don't get much snow in Atlanta so it is always a big deal, even when it is just forecast. This time, we actually got it!

Sunday, I had a public affairs meeting about the rededication of the Atlanta Temple, so I had Bill go with me, just in case the snow arrived early - and also because it is getting hard for me to see very well at night and I don't like to drive if I don't have to. It was a good meeting. No dates have been set yet, but it should be in April. The hold up is finding a venue for the cultural celebration. Once that is set, everything will work from that date back.

Late Sunday night, the snow started coming and we had the ground lightly covered by the time we went to bed. Over night, we got probably 5 or 6 inches, so it has been a big storm for Atlanta. My office was closed, so it turned out to be a holiday for me. It was also my birthday, so I got snow for my birthday. We had a lazy day, since we obviously weren't going anywhere.

The usual course of snow storms here is that by the afternoon, the temp has risen and the sun is shining, so most of the snow melts away. However, it never got enough above freezing, and there was no sunshine, so the snow stayed. There was some sleet and freezing rain that came on top of the snow, so it is pretty slippery everywhere. My office has closed again for Tuesday morning and will make a decision by late morning about the afternoon.

So, my birthday turned out to be a little different that normal. Lisa and Ashby had baked a cake, but couldn't get over here to deliver it. She posted some pictures on Facebook. They called and sang Happy Birthday over the phone. Ashby was so bashful, Lisa had a hard time getting her to sing. She finally would say the last word of each line, so I heard her sing "you, "you," Gamma," and "you." It was too cute! Bill fixed a nice brunch for us - waffles and bacon. I spent much of the day on the computer - doing some public affairs things, family history, and playing on Facebook where I got a ton of birthday messages that I enjoyed responding to.

What an eventful way to start a week!

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